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Term & Conditions


  • The purpose of releasing quotation by Trisya is to offer an estimated bill on the projected costing of a project before execution of any kind of research or discovery on the same.
  • The quotation does not hold the final figure or value of the cost involved to develop and deliver the project.

Payment Terms

  • On final confirmation on the work agreement, 50% of the total cost quoted for the project should be deposited.
  • Final and total payment for the project should be cleared before the completion of the project.
  • The customer will not be entitled for any service or assistance, if there is a delay in the final payment.
  • For clients availing the service of Annual Maintenance (service period of 12 months or more),the AMC charge will be 35% of the original development charge .Per year the development cost for new modules will be added to the initial development cost for the calculation of the AMC.
  • The AMC percentage will be subject to the amount of effort and work required. This may vary year wise.
  • The recurring or renewal charge of the domain and hosting are subject to variations in the market rates

Intellectual Property

  • All quotations provided by Trisya Infotech do not include any source code license, unless intimated.
  • We provide customer a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual and fee free license to use the software. The source code and its associated intellectual property ownership lie solely with Trisya unless we announce in writing the issue of specific code license to the client.
  • This agreement is conditioned to the customer warranting that the created IP will not be reached by any third party for any other project.
  • Any kind of manipulation, alteration and reverse engineering on any of the code complied or created by Trisya for the quoted project will be treated as a breach of trademark and copyright laws. The report of such breach will be subject to penalties.


  • In case the client happens to cancel the acceptance of the quotation, Trisya Infotech will invoice the client for all the work and resources involved in the particular project so far, as a percentage of total work involved.
  • The minimum cancellation fee will be 20% of the signed quotation.

Permission and Copyrights

  • The client will acquire all necessary permission and authorities in regard to the use of all logos, copy, name, graphics, trademarks and any other material supplied by client to Trisya Infotech.
  • Trisya Infotech shall treat supplied material by the client as a guarantee from the client that all relevant permission and authorities have been sought and obtained for the mentioned material.
  • Trisya Infotech will hold no responsibility in chance of damages or losses incurred by the client from the use of material for which permission or authority has not been acquired.

Quality and Assurance

  • Trisya Infotech will prosecute atmost care to ensure project developed by it is free of errors. Nevertheless, if any error persists in the delivered project, correction will be made by us.
  • We do not hold any accountability for errors, damages, losses or additional costs that relate to third party products that could be required for the completion of the project.


  • Any alteration requested by the client post development being initiated will call for extra development charges.
  • Trisya Infotech will not hold accountability for any alteration performed by the client or third party which may lead to any error in the delivered project.
  • In an instance, where we are approached to solve or correct any error that was created by any action of the client or third party, it would be charged as per the requirement.

Amendment to site and term and conditions

This site and Trisya Infotech terms and conditions may be amended, modified, revised, changed or updated by Trisya Infotech with or without notice. Please visit the website on a regular basis for changes. Continued use of this site following any changes to Trisya Infotech terms and conditions show your acceptance of any such changes to our terms and conditions.

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