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Vehicle Tracking

The first live tracking system was created in Circa in 1998 to view the location on a computer screen by military and government agencies.Later,with the advent of technology it was used to tag applications and then for human tracking and business purpose.

Live Tracking as the name indicates is a process to identify and track the location of object or people in real time. Live Tracking can be done using Mobile Apps (GI Track and GI-View). Internet connection and the Location should be enabled in the mobile to track .This application is built with high accuracy GPS location tracking and minimal battery power usage to track activities, current location.It is built and integrated with iOS, Android App and a desktop login for Seamless work process and anywhere access to the data.

Vehicle Live Tracking In Ranchi

Features :

  • Employee Real time location
  • Location broadcasting to parents, managers
  • Field Login and Logouts via Mobile Apps
  • Can be enabled and disabled from Admin Login.

Employee Live Tracking In Ranchi

Benefits :

  • Employer can track the employee live location via Mobile App.
  • Parents/Principal can track the live location of vehicle/School bus.
  • Field employees can Log the punch from the Mobile App also.
  • Live location of the workers can be monitored by their respective owners through GI View Mobile App.
  • Understand business performance.
  • Detect fraud and errors faster.
  • Improve the accuracy of your business predictions, forecasts, and goals.
  • Take advantage of up-to-date reporting.
  • Make strategic business decisions
Employee Live Tracking

Trisya Infotech let your pals or family know you’re safe by sharing position during your outdoor adventures in real time.

Our Device Connects and Stores Data in the Cloud and local server in real time. The Dashboard and App connectivity to the cloud makes data accessible with a simple login. The Device is integrated with SMS feature which helps in a quick SMS update to the Employee, Employer, Teachers, Parents Principals and Admin team about the login/logout and with the leave and present update. Downloadable Reports helps in downloading anytime reports per employee, per students or for a class or group of an employee working for specific teams.

Employee Live Tracking

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