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In the time span from 1950 to 1990 with the advent of the web, digitalization has changed the road we work, shop, bank, travel, educate, govern, manage our health and enjoy life. The technologies of digitalization enable the transition of traditional forms of information storage such as paper and photographs into the binary code of computer storage. Digitalization in education means the use of desktop computers, mobiledevices, theinternet, software applications and other type of digital technology not only to teach students but control the overall ecosystem of the educational institutions. It promotes to instill healthy digital habits in students, teachers, parents and all the staff members. In other words it aims to educate the whole person – ‘head, heart and soul digitally’.

IIT Kharagpur is the country’s first smart college in which students can operate equipment inside their hostel rooms remotely using smart phone app.

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Trisya Infotech here introduces you Smart College Management System Software, developed on the latest and upcoming technology, Java .It is built as a user interface between student-teacher, teacher –teacher, parent-institution and teacher – management. Inspiring from the Megatrend of .computerization and automated technology, we cater academic, administrativeand financial management of the educational with high customizability.

We have engineered our Smart College Management System Software, considering all the crucial needs of all the vital players of the college system, namely, principal, departmental staff, faculty, students, parents, security, etc.

Trisya Infotech Smart College

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  • Manually managing educational institutions is a Herculean task. College management system facilitates hassle-free management of the entire administrative process.
  • College Management Software allows you to keep relevant information about students, guardians, teachers, and staff members on your fingertips
  • Helps educational institutions save time, money, and resources.
  • The software connects students, parents, teachers, and administrators to keep them acknowledged about all the aspects of an educational institution.
  • College management system software helps you reduce the monotony and trouble of dealing with tedious tasks, thus enhancing the standard of your educational institution.

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College management system software offers a host of impressive features. Below are some useful features of the best college management software :

  • Student Registration & Admission Management : College management software manages the entire registration and admission procedure of students online. It stores comprehensive information of students, such as student registration entry, class, section assignment, and allocation of enrollment number. Stores data and reports of students, such as their personal details, parental details, educational documents, certificates, report card, monthly/weekly performance analysis report.
  • Students’ Feedback/Grievance Management : College management system software is essential for streamlining the process of student feedback/grievance management. The software enables the college authority to capture the voice of students, with ease, implement solutions and suggestions and update the status on the particular column of the software.
  • Online Assessment Management : Assessment is a way to measure a student’s knowledge and time management skills. This is the most essential work that an educational institution executes as students are the future of the society and brand name of the institution.College management system software gives a platform for online examination by allowing teachers to upload online test papers and other all kinds of assessment sheets. The software calculates the mark and flashes the report card.
  • Manages & Control Accounts : The biggest pain area of any institution is the accounts section. Manualmaintenance of accounts may involve error and chances of fraud. Here we provide a most appropriate option to keep your accounts calculation at your fingertips. College can now manage all their earnings, saving and expenses through the software and generate reports such as balance sheet, ledger, trial balance, cash book, student fee record, staff payment record, etc. to help educational institutions track all financial transactions accurately.
  • Fees Collection : Fees collection from the student is the primary source of income of an educational institution. College management software is an easy and secure way of processing fees from hundreds of students. The software allows you to receive payments, create billing heads, enter the due amount and generate and edit fee structures student wise, class wise and section wise. The interesting thing is that it presents all these data on beautiful graphs on the software dashboard.
  • HR and Payroll Management : The software as stated above is designed keeping in mind all the functional areas and rules and regulations inside the college campus for everyone, be it students or the staff. The feature of HR and Payroll management disciplines the working nature and behavioral approach employees. All types of letter appointment letter, appraisal letter, show cause notice, warning letter, relieving letter, tec. Further, the software aids in recruitment, discipline tracking, employee salary calculation, performance management of staff, policy adherence, compliance management, etc.
  • Health Records : Campus management software maintains the health records of students and employees to overcome emergency situations within the campus. The software records the health issues of students along with complete medical history. It stores the records in a safe manner and allows only authorized users to access the health-related documents.
  • Attendance Management : Attendance is an essential element in analyzing the performance of a student or a staff. We provide an automated way to track daily attendance.Attendance record for staff can be generated directly through the software and send them notification for late arrival via sms and e mail. Teachers can upload the daily attendance of the students on the software and in the same way inform parents about the absence of their child, if absenteeism occurs This saves the institution’s cost and implements a paperless and well organized system.
  • Compliance Management : Apart from its students, an Institution has to look after the welfare of its staff also by giving them the employment benefits. PF, ESIC and Employee Insurance Policies can be handled at ease with minimum time using the software.
  • Lost and Found : This special feature is added on the software for the institutions to build a sense of assuredness in the pupil inside the campus that we care for them. Here loss cases can be reported .If any member catch holds of the lost items ,they can report the same on this application.
  • Timetable Generation : Campus Management Software simplifies the time-consuming task of generating timetables for each class. The automated software creates different time slots for each timetable for avoiding conflicts in timings for teachers. It also allows you to make modifications, as and when required by the management.
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Our Smart College Management System Software provides a single source of data repository for streamlining all business processes and reporting purposes to achieve their management goals. We offer the software that is fast, affordable, low-risk solution with easy implementation and lower maintenance and operational costs. Our software helps to optimize the use of available resources in a cost effective manner through their proper scheduling and resource allocation.

Benefits of College Management System Software

Best college management software streamlines all academic and non-academic activities of an educational institution.

  • Minimizes Workload & Accelerates Productivity : In this era of fourth generation speed,human wants to run all the races of his life with the same pace. College management system software acts as a catalyst in the smooth flow of academic and non-academic activities. This result in saving the valuable time of the college authority, manual work and manpower cost. Consequently, it allows the college authority to utilize this time to focus on strategic planning and creativities.
  • Stores Data Securely : Educational institutions have enormous volumes of data and records that is required to be maintained on a regular basis. College management software is the brilliant way of storing data in GoogleCloud. This kills the need of paperwork and paper storage area. The college management software encrypts the data and stores them securely on the cloud.
  • Facilitates Effective Communication : College Management Software provides a gateway to circulate information among teachers, students, staff, and parents in a smoother manner. The software allows teachers to post assignments to students online, all important notice is circulated to everyone by the institution via sms and e mail, any changes in the curriculum or holiday is notified to everyone online, all kinds of report or status can be viewed by defined audience through this application.
  • Real-time Data : Multiple real-time reports ate showcased on the app to assist the administrative and teaching staff of an educational institution These reports can be customized date wise, timewise, student wise ,employee wise, department wise, class wise, section wise,etc.
  • One-time Investment : College Management Software is customizable and supports multiple modules. It is a one-time investment that offers complete automation and provides better facilitation decision-making.
  • Solution to parent’s concern regarding their ward : Parents are always concerned about the overall performance and behavioral approaches of their ward at the institution. This college management software is featured with a mobile application, which allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s academic progress anytime, anywhere. Additionally it helps parents as well as college to study the behavior analytics of the students to mould them into responsible citizens and perfect professionals.
  • Cloud-Database Management : Cloud-based college management system software To utilize the advantages of cloud technology, educational institutions have been giving utilizes technologies with enormous database management features for storing data anytime and anywhere.

Trisya Infotech goal to utilize resources in efficient manner by increasing their productivity through automation. We propose a paperless system bridging the gap between the teachers and the students, the staff and the management and the institution and the parents.

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