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RFID Solution

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology that uses communication via radio waves to exchange data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an object for the purpose of identification and tracking.

Benefits of RFID Technology :

  • Cost-effective, real-time visibility of assets
  • Better utilization of assets
  • Reduced errors
  • Increased efficiencies of operations

RFID Solution In Ranchi

Trisya Infotech work towards exploiting the particular technology and building up a resourceful environment through which any organization or individual will definitely benefit. RFID solutions in combination with mobile computing and web technologies facilitate a standard way for organizations to identify and manage their assets. We are an emerging provider of RFID technology solutions with the core objective to make remarkable addition in business value through cost-efficient, real-time RFID asset tracking software, RFID tags & labels, RFID Middleware software, RFID printers, RFID readers and RFID services. Our RFID technology holds specialization in barcoding in its functionality, cost-efficiency and overall performance aiming at real-time visibility into business operations. We provides both hardware and software RFID Solutions which is certified using the latest RFID devices and technologies available. Our RFID solutions directly address customer's business needs, making way for them to achieve their targets and maximize their return on investment (ROI) using RFID technology.

Trisya Infotech RFID Solution

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