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Library Automation

Library automation refers to the use of the computer to robotize the typical procedures of libraries such as cataloging and circulation. Automation is a process of utilizing the machinery for easily working and preserving the human power and time. The main objectiveof library automation is to exempt the librarians and library staff and to allow them to contribute more meaningfully to the spread of knowledge and information.

The main purpose of any library is to provide access to proper information, to the right users in the minimum time duration. In an era of information explosion, demand of users is rapidly increasing and financial resources are subsidizing. Libraries are becoming incompetent to obtain all the reading materials on demand. The sole solution to these problems is resources sharing through networking. Library Automation reduces the grind of repeated manual efforts in library routine. Library automation works on a process flow of collection, cataloguing, Storage, Administration, Processing, Preservation and communication etc.

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Needs for Automation :

  • Largely textual in nature
  • Bibliographic record is of variable length
  • A field in a record may repeat many times
  • File size is very large
  • Updating of files is done almost every day
  • To record the date accurately, special devices are required

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Setup of Automated Library

  • Adequate Collection
  • Financial Assistance
  • Computer Hardware
  • Library Software
  • Training of the Staff
  • Maintenance of Development

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Library Automation Concerns

  • Enormous growth of literature
  • Increasing cost of documents
  • Declining library budget
  • Technological advancement
  • Customers need satisfaction
  • Remarkable saving in efforts, time and resources involved in manual processing can be achieved
  • Control over collection and circulation
  • Entries control over the entire operation
  • Improve the existing services as well as introduce new services
  • To avoid duplicate of work
  • To use services of the existing staff effectively
  • Increased computer awareness among users
  • Cataloguing is faster, instant access to non-records

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