Trisya Hospital Management System

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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System introduces operational excellence in health care management and helps healthcare providers deliver a high-value healthcare experience. It provides real-time access and information in healthcare organizations, enables information exchange among patients and doctors and brings visibility and transparency to operational support. It aids to create integrated, paperless healthcare enterprises and e-Health Networks. Our technologies build effective systems, improve overall healthcare management in combination with advanced analytics to drive insights for better outcomes and research.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations can create vision in reducing inventory and labor costs and bettering communication and information flow among various departments and patients, thus providing correct and timely care.

Hospital Management System In Jharkhand

ERP Features :

  • Patient Database Maintenance : creates a hub to operate all the necessary information relevant to doctors, patients and employees.
  • Appointment Fixing System : monitors and stores the time, date and place of patients’ medical examinations and helps to plan subsequent tests and procedures.
  • Financial Accounting System : analyzes and creates an insight of all financial processes within the organization to boost financial discipline and plan the budget for upcoming few years.
  • Doctor and Patient Workbench :an automated platform with all the necessary schedules, calendars, past and future visiting dates and medical prescriptive used both by doctors and patients in order to facilitate their communication and treatment.
  • Patient Billing System :calculates the expenses and provide patients with the invoices.
  • Front Desk Management Program :A special module that aids the administrator control the processes of medical tests, doctors’ examinations, patients’ visits and many other things within the healthcare organization or hospital.
  • Synchronized Reporting and Automation System :A tool to extract all the reports automatically curtailing the need to maintain documents separately for employees.
  • Equipment Maintenance System :helps to operate the instrumentation used in various medical procedures and report rapidly about its condition, warranty or if something goes wrong.
  • Security :Highly secured, user friendly, reliable and seamlessly integrated web Based information system

Hospital Management System In Ranchi

Business Benefits :

  • Hospital ERP streamlines processes within the hospital through patient waiting time reduction, quick and smooth online documentation, record maintenance, efficient exit of patient.
  • It curtails data redundancy and administrative times across the all the functionalities inside the hospital premises.
  • The hard work of our passionate team has resulted in an all vital an integrated end-to-end Hospital ERP.We facilitate all vital functions of hospital information systems viz., human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management, departmental modules, financials and support modules.
  • The ERP enables business process optimization by improving the quality of patient care and operational efficiency for doctors, support and admin staff, while keeping costs down and optimizing back-end operations.

Trisya Infotech Hospital Management System

Trisya Infotech has built a versatile functionality to carry out day to day operations, billing, reporting in multiple branches of hospitals, referring doctors, referring Hospitals, inventory etc., with centralized and total controlled user environment. We focus at clinical improvements, decreased medication errors, adhere to regulatory compliance, faster Return on Investment and attain overall administrative and clinical improvements with security.

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