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Access Control Device

In our day to day life, access control is of a great concern for security purposes. A lock on a door is everyone’s everyday fact. Access control devices prevent access to sensitive resources.Access control devices have become a trend for standard protection of properties and resources, possession of well-designed and technically sound.

Some examples of Access Control Devices are biometric access control devices, swipe card access control devices, punch card machines, visible in the market.Access control security systems are designed to confine physical entry to only users with authorization. Government as well as private organizations are bringing into practice, adopting access control security systems for physical entry into their facilities. Whether it is a simple non intelligent access control system like a punching in a password, or advanced biometric systems that scan and allow entry very securely, there are many advantages to availing these security systems.

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  • Minimized Requirement for Manpower
  • Allows Access and Restriction to Multiple Entries and Exits
  • Internal Levels of Restriction and Access
  • Time Based Control for Security Systems
  • Keeping Check of Punch-in and Punch-out Time
  • Biometric Systems

Thumb Impression Capture

The Biometrics technologies are used to measure and analyze personal characteristics, both physiological and behavioral. These characteristics include fingerprints, voice patterns, hand measurements, irises, etc., which are utilized to identify human characteristics and to verify identity. These biometrics or characteristics are closely connected to an individual and cannot be forgotten, shared, stolen or easily hacked. These characteristics can uniquely identify a person, replacing traditional security methods by providing two major improvements: personal biometrics cannot be easily stolen and an individual does not have the need to remember passwords or codes. Multiple organizations are considering biometrics a solution to their security problems to avoid fraud and theft. Biometrics can promise higher security over passwords or pin identification due to the fact that passwords and pin can easily be compromised.

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