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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Software is an Internet-based access for LIVE vehicle tracking to know where your vehicles are at all times which gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions at a glance with Integtrated Tracking Devices.

It is very easy to locate the Live location of vehicle / Students/ Employees travelling in the vehicle. This system provides real-time monitoring (live) which can reduce costs, save lives, improve competitive positioning, and increase students as well as employees safety. These solutions help record vehicle activity–see where drivers go, track arrival and departure times, as well measure vehicle and fuel usage.

This system also supports RFID, which is used for schedule attendance facility to employees and school students. It Shows for how long the vehicle takes a halt and also the exact location of the vehicle which is very helpful for School and Parent’s too.

When the vehicle leaves or enters in the designated area, alerts to be sent via SMS to Parent’s. Whenever the driver crosses the speed limit, the school management gets an alert. This system is compatible with any type of mobile or tablet.

Trisya Vehicle Live Tracking

Trisya Vehicle Live Tracking

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